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Parenting Choices

Parenting Choices at its Finest Do you ever feel that being a parent is one of the hardest, most frustrating, challenging and best times in your life? Really it doesn’t make sense does it? One minute “AUGH you’re driving me crazy!” and the next minute “Get over here I want a hug from my bestest buddy in the whole wide world!” I was not prepared for the level of emotions that came with being a parent. As if that wasn’t enough, I wasn’t prepared for all of the advice I would receive from other people, which was well-meaning 9 times out of 10. There always seems to be pressure coming from all angles: use this toothpaste, only feed your child at this time of the day, lay your child to sleep with their toes pointed north, only wear clothes made from the most delicate lamb wool.  With all of the advice you read, it is very common to feel like you are never making the right choices for your child. With Kindergarten registration right around the corner, I felt it would be great to touch on one of the most daunting choices for a parent to make: “How do we know if my child is ready for school?” I have two children. My daughter being born one day after the state guideline cut off (September 15th).   Of course we thought she was the smartest kid in the entire world and should have been given the go ahead [...]

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Twelve Things You Must do During the Holiday Season

There’s nothing better than a checklist to keep you organized. Am I right? It feels so good to check things off as you go, and feel like you really accomplished something. Is it normal to go so far as to write things down after you get it done, just to check the box? I mean, I’m just asking for a friend. At any rate, the holidays get so busy, from Thanksgiving meal preparation to New Year’s Eve plans of staying up to ring in the New Year, so I thought I’d get your personal list going by giving you my top 12. We’d love to hear what you’d add to your family’s list!   1. Talk about everything you’re thankful for. Thanksgiving is such a good reminder that even if it hasn’t been our “best year ever,” it’s still nice to reflect on everything we do have, things that have gone right, things we look forward to in the coming year, opportunities we have etc. It always replays in my head, what if we only have tomorrow, what we give thanks for today? I love the spirit of children and how they just say it how it is. One of my favorite things my daughter used to end her prayer with every time was, “Thank you for Elsa and Ana.” Although these are the characters to a beloved, gripping Disney movie about sisters working to save their kingdom, I never could get over how innocent her list was, [...]

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The Raw Lows and Highs Leading to Fitness Success

There’s no better way to connect people together than a pure, real, success story.  Every journey, no matter what the journey, has its ups and downs and that’s what it makes it relatable no matter who you are. “MY LONG JOURNEY TO WEIGHT LOSS AND OVERALL HEALTH.” –TIFFANY LEHMAN “When I met my boyfriend in 1996 (who is now my husband) I weighed the heaviest I ever had at that time which was 180 pounds. Fast forward to 1998, when we got married, and I weighed approximately 240 pounds. We had our first child in 2002. Due to my obesity, it was a struggle for me to get pregnant and we did have to use infertility medication to help us conceive her. I always thought after she was born I’ll lose the weight. Needless to say, that never happened and I continued to gain weight. In 2005, we had our 2nd child. After he was born I weighed more than I ever had. At my heaviest, I was 270 pounds. This weight was several months postpartum.  (I’m only 5’ 3” tall with small/medium bone structure.) As you can imagine this effected every area of my life. I was sad, depressed, and ashamed of what I had done to my body. I was equally terrified to do anything about it. TURNING TO FITNESS Between 2005 and 2011, I discovered fitness and l loved working out, trying to run, lifting weights, kettlebells, and boot camp type workouts. I never changed my [...]

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