Altoona Campus Trainers

Amy McAllister
Amy McAllisterProgramming Director
Arianne Binder
Arianne BinderPersonal Trainer
Diane White
Diane WhitePersonal Trainer
Heather Kauzlarich
Heather KauzlarichPersonal Trainer
Heidi Lambert
Heidi LambertPersonal Trainer
Sue Shissler
Sue ShisslerPersonal Trainer
Susie Urich
Susie UrichPersonal Trainer
Travis Northway
Travis NorthwayPersonal Trainer

Personal Training

Working out with and being accountable to others improves your chances of fitness success dramatically! Whether you’re new to fitness or want to take your training to the next level, our personal training packages and group training programs will give you an extra boost. Working one-on-one with a personal trainer can help you develop a custom plan to reach your goals. Group training programs can help you hone your technique or jump-start a new chapter in your fitness playbook.

1 Person = $25 per half hour  |  $30 per 45 min  |  $35 per hour
2 People = $15 per half hour  |  $17.50 per 45 min  |  $20 per hour
3+ People = $11.75 per half hour  |  $13.50 per 45 min  |  $15 per hour
Contact Programming Director, Amy McAllister at to set up initial consultation with trainer.

TRIATHLON TRAINING – Trainer, Diane White will write you a variety of workouts to help you conquer that triathlon!  Pricing varies based on length of training time. Contact for more information.

INDIVIDUAL WORKOUTS – If you feel as though you have the motivation to workout, but aren’t sure where to start, let one of our trainers help!  $10 per workout. Contact for more information.


If you are interested in determining and/or improving your current fitness level, our trainers are offering strength and cardiovascular endurance assessments.  Whether your goal is to compete in a training competition or event or to get into better shape in 2019, these assessments will help provide a benchmark to track your progress!

Group Training

Focused Training

OutDoor Boot Camp 2021  |  CONQUER. From Within.

Who is ready to conquer 2021? The Trainers are committed to strengthening your mind and body through fun, yet intense outdoor workouts designed to help you find your inner grit. We will shake up the workouts by switching up the Trainer that will lead four different workout themes each week including: cardio chaos, warrior strength, crazy calorie burn, and hard core training. This is sure fire way to keep you guessing, motivated, and intrigued while establishing camaraderie with the best fitfam around! Whether you are a seasoned boot camper or a newcomer, we are all in this together, so let’s get after it!

Registration Details
Opens May 12, 2021, and ends June 6, 2021.
Cost: $199.00 for members  |  $249.00 for non-members

Program Dates
Starts June 7, 2021, and ends July 29, 2021.
Runs every Monday (5:15am – 6:00am), Tuesday (5:15am – 6:00am), Wednesday (5:15am – 6:00am), Thursday (5:15am – 6:00am).

*Registered participants are welcome to attend any class time or as many class times as they want per day but please register for the time you will attend the most.

Altoona Campus Field (participants can park in employee lot)
Trainers: Heather Kauzlarich (Mondays), Amy McAllister (Tuesdays), Arianne Binder (Wednesdays), and Travis Northway (Thursdays)

Participants can register online beginning May 12th

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