Altoona Campus Childcare

Childcare Return Guidelines/Recommendations
1. We will have 4 staff members on duty.
2. Staff recommended to wear masks and gloves but not required.
3. Children are not required to wear masks.
4. No snacks will be allowed in the room.
5. Kids can bring water but only if it is labeled with the child’s name.
6. There will be a time limit of 1.5 hours per visit.
7. We will not be changing diapers at this time.
8. Please take your children to the restroom prior to checking in to childcare room.
9. Children are required to wash hands with soap and water before entering room.
10. No parents will be allowed in the room.
11. At drop off and pick up time, please knock on the childcare door and staff will greet you.
12. No toys from home may be brought in.
13. Coats, Diaper bags and other personal items need to stay with the parent. They are not permitted in the room.
14. If the child appears sick or not feeling well, we will get the parents and not allow them in the room until we have a doctor’s note saying they are cleared to return to Childcare.
15. If a child shows up and is not feeling well, we do not allow them in the rooms.
16. Limit is 30 kids.
17. If something is left, the parent has 24 hours to claim the item or it will be thrown away.
18. Staff will use the Youth gym or outside as much as possible.

Childcare Hours

  • Monday – Friday | 8:30 – 11:30 am
  • Monday – Thursday | 4 – 6:30 pm
  • Saturday | 8 – 10:30 am

Our childcare facilities are available for children ages 6 weeks–8 years, with a separate room for non-potty trained kids. We offer age-appropriate toys and activities in a “Character Counts!” curriculum to keep your kids occupied, engaged, and having fun! All of our childcare staff has CPR and first aid training.

Our childcare hours are scheduled to coincide with fitness and aquatic classes. Parents must remain in the facility or be participating in Altoona Campus-sponsored programs while kids are at the childcare center.

Drop-In Rates

Members and non-members who occasionally use our childcare services may purchase single-visit passes to our childcare facility.

The cost per child, per visit is $7.

Childcare Family Plus Packages

We offer an unlimited childcare package at an affordable rate to Altoona Campus family, single-parent family, and senior family membership households. This option allows you to utilize the childcare services provided in The Playhouse Nursery and the Youth Area anytime during our regular hours of operation on an unlimited basis.

Family Plus Fees:
This is an open-ended annual contract.

  • One Child: $360/year ($32/month)
  • Two Children: $480/year ($42/month)
  • Three or More Children: $540/year ($47/month)