Glutes Guns Guts XP

The name says it all!  We will focus on strength exercises that will target those areas and will be sure to have you leave feeling the burn! *Express version = 30 minute class!

Glutes Guns Guts XP2021-12-13T10:45:57-06:00

Fit 4 Life

Improve your strength, endurance, mobility, flexibility, and balance in an easy-to-follow workout that meets the needs of virtually any senior citizen.

Fit 4 Life2021-12-13T10:46:42-06:00


This class is our exclusive, high-energy heavy bag workout. It combines power, strength, and core exercises. You will leave this class drenched in sweat but wanting more! Participants must bring their own boxing gloves.


Strength n Stretch XP

This class is predominantly a strength class that also has all the elements of yoga! Enhance your range of motion, muscle flexibility, and muscular strength with techniques that use barbells, dumbbells, and resistance bands.  Each class will end with a guided relaxation that is sure to leave you feeling calm and focused! XP = Express 30 mins

Strength n Stretch XP2019-12-20T11:13:15-06:00

Strength and Stretch 4 Life

Enhance your range of motion, muscle flexibility, and muscular strength with techniques that will use dumbbells, resistance bands and more.

Strength and Stretch 4 Life2021-08-31T09:37:03-05:00

Push-Pull-Plank-Plus XP

This is a strength-based class designed to create full body muscle balance by using supersets of push, pull, and core exercises, plus a whole lot more!  After this class you will be standing taller and pushing harder! XP = Express 30 mins

Push-Pull-Plank-Plus XP2021-01-25T10:41:12-06:00

Step XP

This class is an energizing workout that uses a height-adjustable step and simple movements on, over, and around the step.  Step is an excellent cross-training class for all skill and fitness levels. XP = Express 30 mins

Step XP2021-12-13T10:16:04-06:00

Cycle XP

Let the instructor and the music motivate you as you cycle over virtual hills, jumps and various other terrains for a high-intensity workout that is good for all fitness levels! Classes are geared for those training for outdoor rides and those just wanting to burn calories and get in shape. XP=Express 30 minute class

Cycle XP2021-12-13T10:09:23-06:00

Power Yoga XP

This dynamic class comprises the classical form of Yoga with intervals of power and strength exercises.  Fusing these two formats together is a “win-win” approach to gaining cardiovascular endurance, enhanced flexibility, and increased power and strength. (XP = Express 30 Min Class)

Power Yoga XP2021-12-13T10:06:58-06:00

Boxing 4 Life

This class will emphasize gross motor movement, balance, core strength, rhythm, flexibility, and activities of daily living in order to improve hand-eye coordination, footwork and overall strength. Gloves will be provided.

Boxing 4 Life2021-12-13T10:53:59-06:00
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