Wednesday 04th of March 2015




This challenge is designed after the t.v. show, The Amazing Race, participants will compete against each other for the highest percentage of weight lost and the most inches lost.  Participants will meet with a trainer each week to receive a Nutrition & Physical challenge that must be completed. 

They will receive random envelopes along the way that will include extra challenges or rewards.  Prizes will be given randomly throughout the contest as challenges are completed. The grand prize winners will receive a single adult membership or a personal training package. Contestants will have an initial check-in that will include a list of rules, pre-challenge picture (optional), initial body% info & weigh in.   
Contact: Heidi Lambert at 967-0788 ext. 238 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
Cost:  Members $75 / Non-members $150 (includes full access to facility)
Program Dates:  Jan 19 – Feb 27
Please register at the front desk by January 12th.  Space is limited to 50.

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